Inside Prince Charles’ office with unseen snap of Archie, photo of his ‘favourite’ sibling & his own book pride of place


OVER the past year, video calling has allowed us to get a glimpse inside rooms that are otherwise off-limits, particularly with members of the Royal Family who’ve joined calls from their homes.

While opening the NHS Nightingale hospital for coronavirus patients in London last year, the Prince of Wales gave royal fans a peek inside his office at his Scottish home of Birkhall where he is isolating from the coronavirus.

Prince Charles gave royal fans a glimpse into his office at Birkhall as he opened the Nightingale hospital via video link today

The room was filled with dozens of family photos, priceless antiques and personal knick-knacks.

From unseen photographs of his grandchildren to childhood snaps of the Queen, we take a look inside Charles’ office.

1. A tome of one’s own

The prince could be seen propping his iPad on a stack of books as he addressed the nation this morning, one of them being his very own tome.

Charles was using a book written by himself to prop up his iPad today

Harmony: A New Way of Looking at the World was released by Charles in 2010 and is a “practical guide to what we have lost in the modern world.”

Passionate about the environment, in the book the prince details how the modern world contradicts old practices and what we can do to maintain a balance between the old and new.

2. Mummy dearest

Among the photographs propped on the piano is a portrait of Charles’ mother, the Queen as a baby.

Taken in 1927 by photographer Marcus Adams, the then Princess Elizabeth was just one year old and dressed in a white christening gown.

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Bournemouth News

A portrait of the Queen at the age of one can be seen in the background[/caption]

3. All together now

One of the few group shots in the study is one taken at Prince Louis’ christening in July 2018.

The photo features Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are present, standing at the rear alongside Camilla.

AP:Associated Press

A photograph taken at Prince Louis’ christening is one of the few group shots[/caption]

4. Chicken it out

The only ornaments to feature on the piano are two large ceramic chickens.

While they may seem like an unusual choice, chickens have played a large role in Charles’ life and he has kept the bird for years.

He keeps his large flock at his Gloucestershire home of Highgrove house and is known to collect his own eggs each morning.

5. Sibling royal-vry

Getty Images – Getty

This photo was taken of Charles and Anne during a holiday to Malta back in 1954[/caption]

It is no surprise that Charles “favourite” sibling Princess Anne also features on the piano, with a photo of the brother and sister in their childhood chosen by the prince.

The photograph, taken in 1954, sees a six-year-old Charles and a four-year-old Anne dressed in matching peach outfits during a family holiday to Malta.

6. Like father like sons

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Refer to Caption

A snap of Harry, William and their dad sits pride of place on the piano[/caption]

Sat centre stage on the piano is a photograph of Prince Charles and his two sons, Princes William and Harry.

The three men can all be seen dressed in their military uniform, photographed at the 2018 celebrations at Buckingham Palace that marked the RAF’s 100th anniversary.

It is likely to conjure up happy memories for Charles following his youngest’s decision to relocate overseas with Meghan Markle.

7. Proud granddad

Among the unseen shots is one of Prince Charles playing the role of grandad.

AP:Associated Press

Archie can also be seen on the piano – not the actual photo[/caption]

In the black and white snap the 71-year-old appears to be cradling his youngest grandchild Archie Harrison in what looks to be the grounds of Clarence House.

The photograph sits pride of place on the piano as a reminder of his grandchild who has since moved to LA.

8. Niece to see you

Rex Features

Charles also has a framed picture of his equestrian niece Zara Tindall[/caption]

A family man, Charles hasn’t limited the space on his shelf to photographs of his immediate family.

His niece, Zara Tindall also features with a photograph of the equine enthusiasts competing at a cross country course framed on the piano.

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Royal expert Rob Jobson, who has written a biography about Prince Charles, told Fabulous Digital that the heir to the throne’s bond with Zara is very close.

He said: “Charles is closest to his sister Anne of all his siblings and has always been very supportive and affectionate towards his niece.”

9. Happily ever after

2005 AFP

Of course a photo of Charles and Camilla on their wedding day is on display in the room[/caption]

Stood on a side table in the office is a photograph taken on the day of Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The couple, who married in a civil ceremony at Windsor guildhall in 2005, can be seen posing on the steps of the venue in the iconic image.

It is set aside on its very own table compared to the other family photos which are grouped together.

10. Ma & Magaret

Sat on the table to the right of the piano is a portrait of a young Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister Margaret.

A portrait of princesses Elizabeth and Margaret sits on a side table

The photo was taken in 1940 to celebrate the Queen’s 14th birthday and is clearly one cherished by Prince Charles.

11. Wild thing

Sat in a ceramic vase is an arrangement of wild flowers which are likely to have been picked from the grounds of Birkhall by Charles himself.

A keen gardener Charles takes after his grandmother who designed and cultivated the Birkhall garden herself.

12. Music man

The piano is the main feature in the room, though it appears to have gone into retirement acting as the perfect stand for the family portraits above anything else.

However, the Queen mother was a piano player as was her daughter Princess Margaret and so it is no surprise to find it in the royal residence.

Elsewhere royal fans have been left baffled by one bizarre photo frame that features a black and white silhouette.

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