Married At First Sight rich list – How Cam & Jules, Martha Kalifatidis & Elizabeth Sobinoff can earn a fortune online

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THEY threw the rule book out the window and married a complete stranger on TV – and the overnight fame has come hand in hand with a very nice pay packet for the Married At First Sight Australia stars.

Everyone from show favourites Cam and Jules, to stunners Martha Kalifatidis and Elizabeth Sobinoff, have had UK audiences gripped as the show airs here – more than two years after it was filmed in Australia.

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Cam and Jules have the potential to be raking it in after their fame on MAFS

And many of them now have the potential to earn thousands every time they post on Instagram, according to new data.

Thanks to their sweet love story in series five, Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have built up a huge social media following between them – and have the potential to rake in a combined total of £2,969 per Instagram post.

And, according to the figures – which were calculated using the social media giant’s influencer earnings calculator for cosmetic surgery company Vera Clinic – the girls are earning more than double their male counterparts.

Here we break down the potential for each of the MAFS Australia stars, should they make the most of sponsored opportunities…

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Elizabeth Sobinoff is making the most of her Instagram opportunities post-show[/caption]

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Martha has built up a huge Instagram following thanks to her glam posts with Michael[/caption]

Jules Robinson

Instagram followers: 543,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,841

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Jules and Cam’s sweet love story has kept fans hooked long after the show wrapped up filming[/caption]

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Jules Robinson has become a major Instagram star in Australia thanks to her motherhood posts[/caption]

Thanks to her incredibly moving love story with Cam during the series, Jules has gained around 543,000 followers on Instagram, as she continues to share updates from their family life together.

The pair were solid throughout the show, and have since gone on to welcome a baby boy, Oliver Chase, together.

Her candid posts on motherhood have meant she’s attracted some big sponsorship and ad deals, and she often tags companies she’s supporting in her photos – from fashion giants to post-baby products.

Martha Kalifatidis

Instagram followers: 501,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,715

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Martha Kalifatidis has an incredible wardrobe she shows off online[/caption]

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Martha seen here promoting a collagen supplement – the perfect excuse for a bikini photo[/caption]


Martha loves a bikini promotion on her page[/caption]

It seems viewers are fans of keeping track of the success stories, as Martha Kalifatidis – who is still happily with her partner Michael Brunelli now – has half a million followers of her own.

She’s got the potential of earning as much as £1,715 per post, and she’s making the most of the opportunities being thrown at her.

Martha has wowed fans with endless sunny bikini snaps – making sure to tag companies each time – and often shows off incredible makeovers to market new products.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

Instagram followers: 400,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,417

NINTCHDBPICT000635493795 2

Elizabeth has built up a huge following on Instagram over the last two years[/caption]


Elizabeth shared snaps to advertise Valentine’s Day gifts recently[/caption]

Elizabeth has appeared in two series of the show now, having been dumped by Sam the first time round, but while her longer second relationship has sadly ended now too, she still has a legion of fans behind her.

The star has completely transformed following her time on air, shedding almost two stone and opting for brunette hair.

And according to the calculations, she could earn up to £1,417 per sponsored post now.

She’s been busy promoting hair brushes, Valentine’s gifts and tanning lotion in the last few weeks alone.

Cam Merchant

Instagram followers: 356,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,128


Cam often shares adorable pictures with his and Jules’ baby[/caption]


The couple have won fans thanks to their candid posts on parenting[/caption]

As one half of the most popular pair on the show, Cam Merchant isn’t far behind his wife Jules when it comes to potential earnings on Instagram.

With endless adorable snaps with his son – showing the reality of fatherhood – Cam has won over thousands of fans since his first episode on air.

He has promoted everything from protein foods to cricket and vitamins.

Cyrell Paule

Instagram followers: 337,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,100

NINTCHDBPICT000637030242 2

Cyrell Paule has made a name for herself on Instagram with several sponsored posts with her sweet baby[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000635300503 3

Cyrell found love with Love Island star Eden Dally after the show[/caption]

She was nicknamed ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ thanks to her dramatic outbursts on MAFS, and Cyrell Paule has remained a force to be reckoned with ever since.

The star welcomed her son with new partner, Love Island star Eden Dally, after leaving the hit series, and her popularity online has soared ever since.

Like Jules, she often shares baby product ads, as well as promoting everything from mattresses to clothes and beauty products.

Jessika Power

Instagram followers: 304,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £987

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Jessika’s wardrobe and beauty range online is seemingly endless[/caption]

Love her or loathe her, Jessika Power provided endless entertainment on the show thanks to her one-liners and brutal re-coupling with Dan.

Since then she’s undergone a major transformation, spending a whopping £30,000 on surgery.

Jessika is a huge fan of a glam selfie now, and often promotes beauty products and clothing on Instagram to her 304,000 followers – making her potential earnings of £987 per post.

Heidi Latcham

Instagram followers: 246,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £834

NINTCHDBPICT000636491286 4
Channel 4

Heidi and Mike split up, despite making it through the full MAFS series[/caption]


Heidi revealed hew new, very blonde hair after the show ended[/caption]

Heidi had a turbulent relationship with Mike Gunner on MAFS, but the pair largely made it through unscathed – before sadly splitting up once filming had wrapped.

However, she’s made the most of the opportunity and regularly dedicates her platform to causes close to her heart, from the Red Cross to Child Protection Week.

Thanks to her Instagram following now being as high as 246,000, she has the potential to earn up to £834, should she embrace regular sponsorship opportunities.

Michael Brunelli

Instagram followers: 234,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £779

NINTCHDBPICT000635508374 3

Michael has shot to Instagram fame just like his high-earning partner Martha[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000632277197 2

The couple often share snaps together for their thousands of fans[/caption]

Just like his partner Martha, Michael has changed a fair bit over the last few years – ditching his signature long hair for a short crop.

And he’s known to share fitness and healthy lifestyle advice on his platform, opening up opportunities for partnerships with big names in future.

According to the stats, each post could bring in as much as £779 for him.

Ines Basic

Instagram followers: 219,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £772

NINTCHDBPICT000631737754 3

Ines has wowed her fans with daring photos and glam makeovers[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000630456289 2

Ines has promoted everything from tanning lotion to body sprays on Instagram[/caption]

Ine Basic may have turned a lot of the UK against her after setting her sights on Liz’s man Sam, but she’s still got more than 200,000 Instagram followers to her name.

After opting for a very glam look since leaving the show, she now embraces many sponsorship opportunities on social media – promoting body sprays, underwear and tanning lotions – with each post said to have the potential of fetching her £772.

Ning Surasiang

Instagram followers: 209,000

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £709


Ning Surasiang is a super glam gran now[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000635508267 1

Ning looks sensational two years after filming ended[/caption]

Ning Surasiang’s marriage may not have worked out on screen but she still has a lot to smile about, after welcoming a new addition into her family – a grandchild.

And the stunning gran is very big on her food content on social media, with her 209,000 followers constantly flooding her easy recipe posts with likes and comments.

It’s meant, should she share more sponsored posts, she could earn up to £709 each time, according to the data.

Meanwhile, the rest of the stars from the series aren’t missing out either.


Nic Jovanovic is a fan of a workout snap on social media[/caption]


Bronson has the potential to rake in even more cash on top of his business ventures now[/caption]

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While Bronson Norrish is estimated to be able to make up to £622 per post, Nic Jovanovic could earn as much as £620, Mick Gould up to £604 and Mike Gunner up to £585.

Melissa Lucarelli is thought to be able to get up to £509 every time she shares a sponsored post, while it’s £462 for Sam Ball, £380 for Matthew Bennett, £377 for Dino Hira and Lauren Huntriss could apparently earn as much as £373.

Not bad for a quick ‘I Do’!

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