RHOA fans shocked as they spot male stripper Bolo’s ‘massive bulge’ during Cynthia Bailey’s raunchy bachelorette bash

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REAL Housewives of Atlanta fans were shocked as they spotted male stripper Bolo’s “massive bulge” during Cynthia Bailey’s raunchy bachelorette bash.

Fans were also left stunned by how things went down between the housewives after the cameras were kicked out, with LaToya Ali and Porsha Williams making out.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta were shocked when Bolo showed off his package[/caption]

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He had explicitly showed it off in his black pants[/caption]

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He even pulled down his pants to let the housewives see his privates[/caption]

During last night’s episode of RHOA, the housewives weren’t the only ones who were left pinning after B.O.L.O. The Entertainer as he danced and showed the ladies what he had.

Fans were also left with their mouths ajar as they witnessed the famous stripper show off his skills while wearing tight black pants that showed off his package in its entirity.

At one point, the stripper even showed it off as he unzipped his pants in front of the ladies.

Bravo producers tried to blur out the scene when he showed off too much, but there were a few times that fans got to see what he was working with.

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Bravo producers blurred out most of it[/caption]

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Bolo is a famous stripper in Atlanta[/caption]

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The housewives were shocked and thrilled at the same time[/caption]






One fan wrote: “That package? (is that real). #Bolo, I am also looking at you.”

A second one said: “This episode is definitely the most x-rated episode ever! All you can see in Cynthia’s bachelorette dungeon party is cheeks, Bolo, more cheeks and Bolo’s body! Like wow!”

A third fan exclaimed: “Y’all see dat? Bolo is packing!”

And a fourth one talked about how “Bolo is something else.”

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Fans also called it the most x-rated episode as Shamea shoved a vibrator inside Cynthia Bailey’s underwear[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000637772274 1

They even had Cynthia on a sex swing[/caption]

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Porsha Williams and LaToya Ali also got very touchy with each other[/caption]

In the same episode, fans were left buzzing as the Real Housewives of Atlanta showed off their wild side as Kandi Burruss, 44, planned Cynthia’s bachelorette party.

Kenya Moore, Kandi, Marlo HamptonPorsha Williams, LaToya Ali, Tanya Sam, Shamea Morton, and Drew Sidora changed into lingerie which left little to the imagination.

Cynthia, 54, later joined the party as Kandi demanded her to change into a white outfit, which included a tiny vibrator inside her underwear.

In another scene, Kandi helps Cynthia climb into a sex swing before playfully grinding against her to simulate a sexual encounter.

Kenya, 50, also got down and dirty as she rolled around and spread her legs while laying both on the floor and a coffee table.

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Kandi Burruss played grinded against Cynthia[/caption]

Once the production crew left and the stars attempted to turn off the remaining cameras, things got even more raunchy as LaToya, 34, and Porsha, 39, were caught making out with each other on a forgotten camera in the room.

Tanya, 42, also joined in on the fun as she kissed the other two women.

The next morning, Kenya even claimed on camera that Porsha and Tanya had a threesome with Bolo, though both denied it.

Bolo was spotted on outdoor cameras leaving the home after 7 am — though it’s unclear how he spent the wee hours of the morning.

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LaToya and Porsha made out[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000613926973 1

Sources claimed that Bolo also hooked up with two of the housewives[/caption]

Back in October 2020, rumors about the party began to spread, as a source told Page Six that multiple ladies began “hooking up with each other” in the living room of their rented mansion during the party. 

“There were multiple people that had girl-on-girl. They were so drunk,” a witness from the bash told the website at the time. 

The insider alleged that that the alleged steamy hookups went “beyond making out” and included sex. 

Following claims she was involved, Tanya quit RHOA and even refused to film any confessional interviews.

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Kenya Moore insinuated that it had been Porsha and Tanya Sam[/caption]


Bolo denied anything happened[/caption]

Bolo The Entertainer, whose real name is Michael Bolwaire, also took to social media to deny he had sex with any of the women.

“I got fans, followers, and supporters who can attest to that,” he continued. “The rumors and allegations going on right now are straight bulls**t.

“Although I’m flattered to be included in the same conversation as those beautiful women, nothing happened. Again, nothing happened.”

However, Kenya stands by the fact that something did happen between Bolo and Porsha.

An insider exclusively told The Sun: “Kenya told Wendy Williams that Porsha and Tanya aren’t friends any more, but she wouldn’t know!

“They are still friends, it’s just Tanya hasn’t filmed since everything happened because she was totally horrified by the bachelorette party storyline that Kenya keeps talking about.

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“That would be better for Kenya than leaving the focus on her own storyline, which is very much about her divorce.”

The source also teased what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes of the Bravo show, noting: “Kenya really tries to take Porsha down this season.

“She works hard to try to make her look bad.”

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Kenya is allegedly trying to take Porsha down[/caption]

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