Teen Mom fans slam Farrah Abraham after she calls daughter Sophia, 12, ‘rude’ in bizarre Instagram rant


FARRAH Abraham shared a perplexing video where she complained about her 12-year-old daughter Sophia helping around the house and called the child “rude.”

The Teen Mom star’s parenting skills have come into question in the past, as she’s previously dabbled in porn and filmed a sex tape.

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Farrah accused her daughter of being ‘rude’ and ‘wasting’ her time[/caption]

Farrah, 29, shocked fans when she shared a strange video last night, complaining about raising her pre-teen and accusing her daughter Sophia, 12, of “lying.”

The reality star ranted for nearly 13 minutes about raising a child in current society, spouting: “I love my daughter and she’s turning 12. So the point is I can repeat myself probably like 10 million times and then she still won’t even know that I repeated 10 million times.

“Oh and then she’ll ask me again. What should she say? Can you repeat it again? Oh and then be rude to me at the same time for wasting my time.

“It’s just a really entertaining circle that I just don’t entertain,” she complained.


The young mom went on an Instagram rant about her daughter[/caption]


She claimed the pre-teen ‘lies’[/caption]

“And then after I spend probably til like 1 AM in the morning doing stuff for my child, you know then she’ll forget like toilet paper in our bathroom.

“Oh and then she’ll forget towels that are cleaned for her. So then I gotta go walk them upstairs. So yes it’s been super entertaining,” she continued.

Many were disturbed by the random content that had no caption, as Farrah showed distress over her daughter “lying” because of having friends who lie.

The mom of one also spoke heavily about giving Sophia a “pandemic party” and how the event will be documented on TikTok though Sophia’s account was deleted by the platform last year due to age restrictions.

Refer to Caption

Sophia is turning 12[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Her mom has allowed her to throw a ‘pandemic party’[/caption]

Before closing out the video, Farrah slammed social platforms for “promoting viral content” in children and claimed her “no makeup” Instagram filter is an “essential” part of the pandemic.

Fans flooded Reddit to discuss the bizarre behavior from the MTV mom, as they criticized her for her “heartbreaking” parenting skills.

“This is really heartbreaking. Around 5:30 you can tell how much she despises her daughter,” one observed.

“I hope Sophia cuts Farrah out completely. This is really horrible,” they expressed.


Fans felt the rant showed Farrah’s ‘despise’ for her daughter[/caption]


They were shocked by the video[/caption]


Many wished Sophia would leave her mother behind[/caption]

“Woweeee. This is on another level,” another wrote while a third shared: “I honestly hope Sophia socks her in her fake ass nose one day. 6 more years til freedom, Sophia.”

“Why does she always say Sophia is wasting her time? Has she ever thought she is wasting Sophia’s time for making her follow her around and not be a kid?” another posed.

Others spoke candidly about Farrah’s mental health, which suffered greatly when she lost Sophia’s dad in a car accident in 2008.

“She is insane, no hyperbole. The only reason she’s not in a psych ward is because she has money. She also doesn’t look human anymore. If I saw a photo of her pre-surgery I would not think it’s the same person,” they roasted.

Getty Images – Getty

Farrah has struggled with mental health[/caption]

NINTCHDBPICT000603332791 1
Getty Images – Getty

Many worry for the wellness of her child[/caption]

“She makes it sound like Sophia is an employee. What kind of parent says their kid is wasting their time smh,” another contributed.

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In another recent clip, Farrah revealed to her followers the struggles she has faced with being “deeply depressed and suicidal.”

On the 12th anniversary of Sophia’s father Derek’s death, the reality star explained that she will forever grieve his loss, and encouraged her fans to seek support if needed.

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