Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry films for upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 after star’s son Lincoln, 7, is rushed to the hospital

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TEEN Mom’s Kailyn Lowry is back filming for the upcoming season after her son Lincoln was rushed to the hospital.

The mom of four had to take her 7-year-old to the emergency room after he hit his head and then was “gushing blood” from his nose.

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Kailyn Lowry 1jpg JS637636308
Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is back on set filming for Teen Mom 2
Kailyn Lowry 2jpg JS637636310
Kailyn also posted this photo in between shooting scenes

But Kailyn, 28, is now back in front of the cameras filming for Teen Mom 2 – and the news is likely to not go down well with fans who blasted her for refusing to get X-rays for her son.

Kailyn told of her son’s accident on her podcast Baby Mamas No Dramas last week with co-host Vee Rivera.

She explained: “He smacked his face off of the back of the couch… Lincoln already gets nose bleeds on a regular basis. But instantly, he was like mom, there’s blood just gushing…

“This one was going on for over 20 minutes… Maybe it’s broken. I’m panicking now. We went through an entire roll of paper towels- I’m talking an entire roll. And every time I take it off it’s just dripping into his mouth. It’s everywhere.”

ad Screen Shot 2020 12 28 at 91353 AMjpg JS627826975
Kailyn in a scene from the series MTV reality show
lv kailyn lowry 1jpg JS619557679
Kailyn is mom to four sons and had to rush Lincoln to hospital

She continued: “And I’m like at what point do I know to take him to the ER because I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s all over his sweater. It’s on his shoes… We were supposed to film because they were going to film me take the kids to their dads… It looked like a literal crime scene, and I’ve never seen a nose bleed that bad…

“Poor Lincoln. He was such a trooper. I gave him an ice pack. I’m like we’re going to figure this out. But he’s like I don’t want to bleed out. I don’t want to lose all my blood.”

msemail kc 119180403 115739620121127 1142168385989479274 njpg JS608359604
Kailyn with her four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed
NA KAILYN LOWRY FEUD 08jpg JS613485414
Kailyn decided not to get an X-ray for Lincoln after he banged his nose

She added that medics told her it’s hard to diagnose a broken nose because of all the cartilage and she ended up not having an X-ray because she said she didn’t want to pay for it.

But by that point, the bleeding had stopped, and Lincoln, who she shares with ex Javi Marroquin, said his nose didn’t hurt even though he was left with a little bruising.

Fans rushed to social media to slam Kailyn for her decision to not get an X-ray.

GettyImages 860708560 JFjpg JS631434350
Kailyn with Lincoln’s father Javi Marroquin

One raged: “But she bought 87 dream homes and paid for 4,268 lingerie shoots so….”

Another added: “Wtf? Does she not have insurance? She’s got plenty of money, no excuse for this and I’m generally a fan of hers. What a joke.”

Kailyn has four sons – Isaac, 11, with her ex Jo Rivera, Lincoln, and Lux, three, and Creed, 6 months with ex Chris Lopez.

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She recently posed in lingerie for a video shoot where she modeled Rihanna’s SavagexFenty line.

But she may have to pull her stockings up and brace herself for more criticism for putting herself front and center again by filming the new Teen Mom season.

Kailyn was also slammed for planning a trip to Florida with Leah Messer and their kids during the pandemic.

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