Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez shares rare photo with son Creed, 6 months, and says he’s been to ‘hell and back’

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TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez shared a rare photo with his son Creed and revealed that he’s been to “hell and back.”

The reality star’s ex recently admitted that he wants to have more kids.

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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez shared a rare photo with his 6-month-old son Creed[/caption]

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Kailyn recently had charges against her dropped after she allegedly ‘punched’ Chris[/caption]

Chris took to Instagram to post the adorable snap with his youngest child as they both got close for the selfie.

He captioned: “LoLo, This hasn’t been no easy road for me, a lot of ppl talk but most would of been folded in my position even the ones who put me through it couldn’t handle it if it were the other way around.

“I’ve been to hell [sic] in back on this journey and still have a long way to go. I thank everyone who’s been behind me, supporting me, picking me up when I’m down, guiding me it’s all very much appreciated.”

Aside from baby Creed, Kailyn and Chris also share 3-year-old son Lux.

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‘This hasn’t been no easy road for me,’ Chris – who is also a father to 3-year-old son Lux – wrote alongside the rare photo
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Chris with his two sons[/caption]

However, Chris recently said on his podcast, P. T. S. D – Pressure Talks with Single Dads, that he’s looking to be a dad again: “I low key want more kids. So I got to find someone that wants more kids… Even when I was young I knew I wanted two [kids].”

He continued: “I want a girl… One day I’m hoping for a girl. I want my girls to have a sister… three might be my max… maybe four would be my max…

“Two boys and a girl- I’m straight. I’m solid… if Creed was a girl, I’d be done.”

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Chris recently said he would like to have more kids[/caption]

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However, the mother of four previously said she would like to legally cut Chris out of their two sons’ lives[/caption]

The former pair have had their ups and downs, with most of it being documented on social media.

Kailyn, 28, recently had charges against her dropped after she was arrested for allegedly “punching” Chris “several times with a closed fist” over Lux’s haircut last fall.

The exes have clearly not been seeing eye-to-eye as the MTV star even admitted to wanting to legally cut Chris out of her sons’ lives.

During an episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, she explained: “I have a huge problem with that [inconsistent fathers]. The court system would rather see a father who will come and go as they please, in and out, inconsistencies for days, weeks, sometimes months…”

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