Will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

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IF LIKE us you’ve already binged watched Behind Our Eyes season 1, you’ll be dying to know if there will be another series.

The ending left viewers in shock after the real villain of the show was exposed – and it was a surprise to us all.


Behind Her Eyes Netflix 1

Behind Her Eyes season 1 left viewers wanting more[/caption]

Will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes is a Netflix mini-series that was released on the streaming site on February 17, 2021.

So far Netflix are yet to reveal if the show will be back for a second offering.

However, the show has proved to be a big hit with fans so it is likely to be back for more.

It also ended on a major twist in the story, so viewers are keen to find out what will happen next.

BehindHerEyes LimitedSeries Episode4 00 32 41 23

It turned out Adele was not whowe thought she was[/caption]

What could happen in season 2?

WARNING: The below contains spoilers from season 1 of Behind Her Eyes.

If season two gets the go ahead, we’d expect to see Simona Brown return as Louise, who is actually Rob, and Tom Bateman as David.

There’s also Robert Aramayo, who played Rob before he started hopping into other people’s bodies, who could appear in flashbacks – as could Eve Hewson as Adele.

The story would pick up with Louise, who is now Rob, settling into life as David wife.

But how long will he be able to pretend to be Louise, before David realises that something is not right and Louise is not who he thinks she is?

BehindHerEyes LimitedSeries Episode2 00 37 14 24

In fact her friend Rob had taken over her body, in a shock twist to the story[/caption]

What happened in season 1?

Netflix’s six-part miniseries followed the story of Louise, a single mother who works in a psychiatrist’s office.

She embarked on an affair with her new boss, David, but without him knowing she started up a friendship with David’s wife Adele.

But the thriller genre of the series soon shifted to the supernatural.

It transpired that Adele is able to astral project her soul out of her body – and has therefore been keeping an eye on her husband’s antics without anybody knowing.

But viewers soon learn that Adele is in fact Rob – a friend from her stint in rehab and who she taught how to astral project.

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Here’s what we know so far about Behind Her Eyes season 2


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Rob then used Adele’s gift to swap bodies with her after he himself fell in love with David – before killing Adele while she was in Rob’s body.

He then swapped bodies with Louise, putting her soul into Adele’s before killing her.

The end then saw Louise, who is now Rob, marry David and start a new life with him – but he doesn’t know he is actually married to Rob.

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