Cheryl Tweedy believes she’s been visited by ghost of late Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding after spooky moment


CHERYL Tweedy believes she has been visited by the spirit of her late Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding.

It comes a year after Cheryl revealed the pair had made a pact for Sarah, who passed away last September aged 39, to visit her.

Chery Tweedy says she believes she has had a supernatural experience with her former Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah HardingSplash

Sarah, who passed away in September aged 39 after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, made a pact with Cheryl about visiting herGetty

Cheryl made the comments on the 5 Minutes On podcast and said she was convinced Sarah had come to her while she was in the car after the Girls Aloud song Hear Me Out – the same name as Sarah’s autobiography – started to play when nothing was turned on.

She explained: “I was driving to Newcastle last year and for weeks I had been fiddling around with my car to try and get the Bluetooth working and I couldn’t.

“I was so infuriated with it I gave up, I let it go for a couple of months.

“I got into my car and Hear Me Out was playing, my phone wasn’t on, the music hadn’t been fiddled with, nothing, I hadn’t even plugged it in yet and Hear Me Out was playing through the Bluetooth.

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“I laughed and then I cried. What did she name the book after? Hear Me Out, it was her thing.” 

Cheryl, 39, previously said her and Sarah had discussed their spirituality, with Sarah promising to come to Cheryl following her passing.

She said: “I think of myself as a spiritual person, and I guess Sarah does too, so there’s been an honesty between us when we talk about what might be.

“I’ve always believed that the end of our life on Planet Earth isn’t the end of everything and that we go to an incredible place once it’s over.

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“We’ve also made a pact that if and when she’s left us, she’s going to come back and visit me.

“We haven’t decided exactly what form she might take, or what sign she might give to let me know it’s her, but I said I don’t mind as long as she doesn’t come when I’m on the loo.”

Cheryl, along with her Girls Aloud bandmates Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, raised thousands of pounds in Sarah’s honour last weekend through a Race For Life event in London’s Hyde Park.

Sarah died following an advanced breast cancer diagnosis and spent precious time with the women before she passed away.

Cheryl isn’t the only member of the band to believe she has been visited by Sarah.

Nadine said last year she believed Sarah’s spirit was moving things around in her home.

She said: “She’s definitely made her presence known a few times.

“There was a couple of days when my headphones just flew across the table when I was sitting getting my make-up done.

“It happened three days in a row for no reason, they just flew across.

“The girls in hair and make-up was saying, ‘It has to be Sarah, there’s no reason why they would fly so far.’

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“And then I was talking about her one night in my house and something was flying off a shelf. I was like, ‘Is this Sarah? Is she just throwing stuff?’

“It is so fresh and I’m still thinking she’s going to phone, I’m still at that stage of it. Then stuff was flying around and I was thinking, ‘Could that be…?’”

Cheryl and Sarah’s friendship went further than just than Girls Aloud connectionRex Features

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