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You may have noticed recently that we are having a few issues with our URL’s not pointing to the correct pages when being visited from referrers.

This is happening due to a problem with some of our older articles having long URL paths and resulting in 404 errors (page not found).

In fact, the pages are still on the website but will just be at a different URL path. But dont worry our technical team have jumped into action and are working on fixing this problem. If you do end up here when you are looking for something else, please use the search facility or the top menu and you will find what you came looking for.


We have a huge selection of celebrity galleries that you can access by using the link below:


We have multiple daily news articles posted on this website, you can gain access to the latest stories by using the link below:


We also have a very active subreddit where a large number of celebrity images and galleries are posted every single day. Click the button below to head over to our subreddit:


If all this fails to entertain you, then you can head off to our YouTube channel and check out all the video slideshows we have on offer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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